Welcome to FLX: Freelance Success

Elevate your value as a freelance content creator and journalist — not merely chase assignments

Welcome to FLX

Let's elevate the profession of writing so we can earn what we deserve.

Writing is seen as a commodity. We need to be seen as indispensable, trusted experts who can command higher budgets and longer-lasting business relationships.

FLX is where we make that happen.

Chase a business, not assignments

FLX is a community for self-employed journalists and content creators who are committed to increasing our value, boosting our profession's image, and helping each other make more money.

We can't afford to be seen as a commodity anymore, grinding away for the next assignment. True success that brings stable income will come when we are recognized as trusted consultants and strategists—an indispensable asset to our clients' success. It's time to skyrocket the value of our profession in the marketplace and earn what we're worth.

Want to get out of the pitching rut? Want to stop feeling isolated as you search for the next gig?  Tired of fretting over red flags you should have seen coming? Need new market targets, fresh eyes, fewer rejections? 

You belong at FLX!

Your Bottom Line

Social media devolves into posturing and pretending.

Selling feels like schmoozing and glad-handing.

Community, on the other hand, is about belonging to a tribe.

At FLX, you'll find.

• Successful individuals who are building careers rather than chasing several hundred dollars here and there—and they're willing to reach out a helping hand, mentor style. 

• Presentations from industry experts on topics you need to build an editorial business, and a chance to ask questions one-on-one.

• Colleagues. Not coworkers who chew ice with their mouths open in the next cubicle—we're talking partners willing to offer their advice and experience to help you steer through new situations. Friends who chip in to help you polish, refine, and put your best foot forward with clients.

• Working accountability groups that meet to not only share goals but work on them together and give feedback. You'll practice elevator pitches, negotiating, and other tips our industry experts teach.

• Contests throughout the year, both on an individual basis and in teams, to encourage your growth.

• Market opportunity insight to help you craft a successful outreach.

• Privacy. Freelance Success is not a social media site. What happens on FLX is not our business—and vice versa.

• Tax deduction. Because office supply receipts alone don't earn much love from Uncle Sam.

There is no silver bullet to building a six-figure income. It requires a drive, a focus, and quality delivery from you. FLXers not only embrace that—we exceed our client expectations.

That's why you and FLX make a great match. 

Everybody's Talking About This

FLXers are a treasure chest of great information, and on topics you wouldn't necessarily want to ask on a platform like LinkedIn. Ripped directly from the thread lines:

• How ethical is this?

• Need help with writer-friendly contract.

• Client doesn't understand the topic—which way to turn now?

• Are deadlines getting tighter?

• Here's how I landed my favorite client.

I could keep going for years. After all, FLX has been online since 2000, so there are more than 1 million posts in our history, covering everything from how professional writers survived recessions to jumping on new technologies, industries, and ideas.

The Field Is Crowded. FLX Is Where YOU Stand Out

I can read your mind—because I had the same thought before I started joining communities. Why pay for what I'm already getting at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, association forums?

And that's the heart of the matter. The Freelance Success community is its own entity apart from social media or an association. It would be a poor business strategy to give up either one, because they are about the power of a collective voice.

Freelance Success is about focusing on you as an individual.

The free stuff on social media is what everyone else will be doing. Social media is also great for complaining and asking basic questions.

FLX is for self-employed writers who want to be in a position to command and attract better-paying clients. This is where you stand out.

We aren't in the business of one-off gigs. We're in the business of long-term client relationships. If you want to build a sustainable client base, you belong at FLX.

The FLX Masterminds

FLX concentrates on ways to improve your business areas, namely landing clients (marketing, negotiating, leveraging platforms, snagging referrals), honing skills, maximizing your time, and project management.

Members help each other, but we also have industry superstars working with FLXers on a regular basis to iron out those areas where you sometimes get bogged down:

Ilse Benun, FLX Mastermind of Marketing

Business expert Ilise Benun is the author of seven business books for the "creatively self-employed,” a national speaker,  a business coach for the Savannah College of Art & Design, and founder of Marketing-Mentor.com.

During her more than thirty years in business, she has worked with thousands of creative professionals to help them learn the skills to build the business (and life) they dream of.

She has developed and delivered programming for creative professionals, previously as an instructor in the Business of Design graduate program at Maryland Institute College of Art and as co-founder/host of the Creative Business/Design Entrepreneurship program of HOW Design Live.

Connect with Ilise Benun on LinkedIn, and be sure to catch her presentations in our educational section at FLX! Better yet, attend her exclusive live presentations and ask questions about your own efforts.

Liam Carnahan, FLX Mastermind of SEO

Liam Carnahan of Inkwell Services has worked in content for more than a decade, eventually becoming director of content at a major digital content marketing agency in Sydney. Today, he, too, is a freelancer, consulting with companies on best SEO practices and guiding other writers to the tools they need to be successful.

Connect with Liam Carnahan on LinkedIn, and don't miss his helpful, exclusive sessions at our community that advise FLXers on can't-miss strategies to strengthen their clients' results.

Austin L. Church, FLX Mastermind of Scaling

Austin Church, founder of Freelance Cake and author of Free Money, is on a mission to help one million freelance creatives hit a six-figure income while grabbing more freedom to enjoy life and be generous. You know that as having your cake and eating it too.

FLXers know him as a friend. They have his coaching experience and knowledge to lean on with their direct questions and struggles.

Connect with Austin Church on LinkedIn, and be sure to catch his quarterly scheduled outreaches at FLX.

And you have a team of peer mentors at your side, too:

Satta Sarmah Hightower, marketing mentor. Satta puts her "always be marketing" slogan into practice, and she's eager to help others find their same rhythm.

Corinna Santa Ana, encouragement mentor. Corinna runs our accountability and peer partner program—perfect for those who want to get beyond words and start putting plans into action.

Erik Sherman, contracts mentor. When you need to get into the nuts and bolts of legal language, Erik is more than happy to weigh in.

Sheri Bell, mindset mentor. As a certified life coach and creative herself, Sheri is all about helping colleagues figure out what's getting in their way, then removing that block.

Michele "Wojo" Wojciechowski, happiness mentor. Michele specializes in entertainment issues (she's a stand-up comedian in addition to her editorial focus), and she's always bringing a smile and a pep talk when your day feels blah.

Knock, Knock: Who's Here?

“I landed a new client through FLX. Just looked at my 1099: the amount I earned in eight months alone was more than enough to buy FLX subscriptions for the next 59 years.” —Jeff Steele

"It’s not just about comprehensive market opportunities. Julie is ahead of the curve, recognizing that being a freelance writer is not just about writing for publications. That can lead to starvation. 

"It’s necessary to slide gently and respectfully into the bulging content space and be one of the best due to our well-honed skills in research, interviewing and, yes, writing. Julie is a remarkable leader, moderator, technician, businesswoman, leader, and creative of the highest caliber. Julie has revived a solid platform for freelance writers."—Stephanie Stephens

"I see FLX as a control group for freelancers. Many of us wonder if we are being mistreated or disrespected by clients and potential clients on everything from rates to revisions. Imposter syndrome kicks in hard: is it me,

"Raising these issues on FLX helps us isolated freelancers level set our expectations, and commiserate when necessary."—Gary Wollenhaupt

“I first joined FLX in 2009 when I was starting my freelance career. I scoured the message boards and found the advice and vulnerability of other writers so helpful and refreshing. One day I saw that a member was looking for writers for business stories. He was asking for pitches for one of his clients. I’d never written a straight business story, but I sent him a series of pitches anyway.

"Not only did I get the assignment but his magazine is now one of my longest-term clients - I’m going on 15 years with them. They’ve referred me to *many other clients, too. It isn’t an exaggeration when I say that without FLX my freelance career would look entirely different. I’m forever grateful and will always be a member.”—Katie Morell

“FLX changed my life. Seriously. I’ve been a member for more than 20 years, and I’ve not only learned so much about the field in that time, but, just as importantly, I met my mentor, so many colleagues, and even some of my closest friends on FLX. It’s the best place for any writer to find information, camaraderie, and lots of fun!” — Michele “Wojo” Wojciechowski

Is FLX right for you? Take our brutally honest test to find out!

Here's How to Join

You haven't heard the best news yet. This is going to make your whole year.

Membership is $119 a year. You read that right. No digits missing on that price.

Is it worth more? Of course! But adding rocket fuel to your business begins with a can-do spirit, and you can do an affordable price.

And because I personally hate telling someone that I've raised their rates (yah, not a landlord here), if you join at $119, you are grandfathered into that price moving forward. So there's no reason to wait for a better deal down the road.

You are welcome to look around and settle in before committing. Simply choose our $14.99 monthly plan with no ties, no pressure to create a profile, no judgment. You can switch over and start the money-saving annual $119 plan at any time.

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I'm Julie Sturgeon, publisher and editor of FLX. Reach out to me if you have questions or concerns. I'm happy to shoot you a straight answer, even in the middle of the night.

[email protected].